Does Careington Dental Cover Dental Implants?

Do you need dental implants? They’re one of the most widely-used and effective ways to treat missing teeth. But, if you’re paying out-of-pocket, they can be expensive.

Careington Dental Savings Plans are a popular way to save big on dental implants. If you need dental implants, even if you need them right away, a dental savings plan can be just what you’re looking for.

What are Dental Savings Plans?

Dental savings plans are different than dental insurance. They’re a fast and flexible way to save on a huge variety of dental procedures, from simple cleanings to advanced procedures such as installing multiple implants.

Dental savings plans cost around $155 for individuals or $199 for a family per year. During the year, members are eligible for discounts between 20% and 60% on many different types of dental procedures. The specific percentage depends on the procedure and type of plan you purchase.


A major advantage savings plans have over insurance is the sheer variety of procedures covered. Almost no insurance policies provide coverage for cosmetic procedures. Additionally, insurance only covers 50% of major procedures (such as implants) and 80% of minor procedures (such as cavity treatments).

Dental savings plans cover many procedures which insurance policies don’t such as:

  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Orthodontics


Discounts are available about 72 hours after signing up for a dental savings plan. Unlike dental insurance, savings plans have basically no waiting period. That’s a significant difference from most dental insurance policies, which typically have waiting periods of six months to a year before coverage begins for most major procedures.

Plus, savings plans cover treatment for dental problems you had before you purchased the plan. Dental insurance typically limits coverage to problems which developed after owning the policy. For example, most dental insurance policies include a “missing tooth clause,” which excludes coverage for treatments to replace missing teeth such as dentures, crowns and even implants.

Do People Use Careington Dental Savings Plans to Save on Dental Implants?

All the time! Over 10 million people have purchased a Careington Dental Savings Plans. Three different types of plans are available:

The most popular plan is the CarePOS. For $99 a year, you get savings of 20% to 50% on a wide range of dental care. Discounts are also available for treatments from ADA-recognized dental specialists such as orthodontists, periodontists and so on. It also includes pharmacy discounts. For $129 a year, the Careington 500 Series plan adds discounts related to vision care. The 500 Series Plus plan adds telemedicine access for an additional $20.

All plans include discounts for many preventive, basic and major dental procedures such as cleanings, root canals, cosmetic care, dentures, orthodontics and dental implants. Each service has a set discount percentage.

How Do I Use a Careington Dental Care Discount?

After you sign up for one of the Careington discount dental plans, you’ll be given a Careington discount card, which you present to any participating dentist at the time of service. Over 65,000 dental offices, including specialists, accept dental discount cards.

The exact amount you’ll save depends on a few different factors. For example, an average dental implant costs around $2,000. But the price will vary based on the type of implant, what teeth are being replaced and more.

Discount plans provide at least a 20% discount on implants. Plus, you can potentially save even more on related treatments such as exams, crowns and dentures. Simply present your discount card at the time of service for instant savings.

You can use your discount card as often as you like, which is a nice contrast to dental insurance. Most dental policies have an annual limit of around $1,500. Once you’ve reached the limit, no more coverage is available, even if you need additional implants or other procedures. But a Careington dental discount plan has no annual limits. You can use it to save on as many procedures as you like.

Dental implants are often the ideal replacement for missing teeth. While they can be expensive, Careington dental discount plan can help you to save on the care you need. Don’t let your teeth go untreated. Help through the Careington network of dental professionals is available today. 


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