How Much Do Careington Dental Plans Cost?

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to your previous dental insurance plan? Careington offers budget-friendly dental savings plans that provide clear-cut benefits and discounts that are easy to understand and honored by thousands of dentists nationwide.

Careington POS Starting at $99 per year
Careington 500 Series Starting at $129 per year
Careington 500 Series Plus Starting at $149 per year

An Affordable Alternative to Dental Insurance

Instead of the hassle of traditional dental insurance, Careington dental discount plans offer 20-60% off of applicable procedure costs. So, when you go to the dentist, there are no claims to file, deductibles to meet, or coinsurance amounts to pay. You simply take the discount off the top of your visit and pay the amount that’s leftover. You’ll know exactly what will be owed before you even start the treatment.

If you’re a Careington discount plan member, you’ll never have to worry about getting a surprise bill in the mail after your dental treatment. That’s a big difference if you’re used to having a conventional insurance plan that involves waiting periods, estimates, and maximum allowable amounts where your coverage cuts off! Sometimes even if you have insurance, your procedure isn’t covered. Careington dental plans are straightforward, so there’s no confusing “between the lines” to have to read between or keep up with.

A Careington dental plan covers treatments like:

• Dentures
• Crowns
• Orthodontic therapy
• Exams
• Dental cleanings
• X-rays

…and much more. Each particular service has a set percentage off that is honored, based on what type of a procedure that it is (such as a cleaning or root canal.)

Enrolling in Careington Through a Dental Savings Program

A typical Careington dental discount plan runs around $155/year for an individual and $199/year for families.

As soon as you join, you’ll be able to use your discount card at over 65,000 participating dental offices throughout the nation. There are no waiting periods or restrictions in regard to how long you have to be a member before you can enjoy discounts on your dental care. The savings are available as soon as your plan activates.

Over 10 million people are part of the Careington network; that’s because it works. Just take the discount card with you to your appointment at any one of the thousands of dental offices that accept it.

How Careington Works in Real Life

Let’s say that you haven’t had dental insurance in a few years, since it was dropped from your employer’s benefit package. You’ve had a toothache for the last week or two and know that it needs to be looked at before things start getting any worse. You sign up for Careington’s dental savings plan and get your card, then make an appointment with one of the partnering dentists.

You get a set amount off of the fee for your exam and X-ray. The dentist recommends getting a crown, because you have an old filling that’s starting to crack. When you walk back up to the desk, the treatment coordinator tells you the exact fee for the crown, what your discount is, and if there are any other costs to consider (such as sedation or a root canal, if needed.) Before scheduling the follow-up appointment, you’ll know how much to budget for when it comes to your out of pocket costs. In the meantime, you also decide to go ahead and book a cleaning, and the appropriate discount is applied to that procedure as well.

No matter how much work you need to have done, the discounts don’t run out. That’s because Careington isn’t a traditional insurance plan, so there’s no fixed amount (such as $1,000 or $1,500) where the yearly benefits are exhausted.

Added Health Bonuses for Careington Plan Members

Careington doesn’t just offer affordable dental benefits. They also have health benefits and combination programs where you can affordably access dental and general wellness services (including prescription costs and vision services) at thousands of providers worldwide. Even procedures such as Lasik eye surgery are included! So, if you’re underinsured or have a high-deductible plan, you’ll want to review discuss the different types of Careington discount options that are right for you or your family.

Contact us today to talk with a Careington dental savings plan enrollment expert today for no-hassle, no-fuss quotes on the Careington programs that are available in your area.

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